dinsdag 9 september 2008


Movie Name   : Wall E
Release Date : September 07, 2008
Theatre Date : (29 June 2008
Runtime : 98 min
CD info : XViD, dvdscr, MP3
Rating : User Rating: 8.7/10 (66,662 votes)
IMDB : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt091097


Speed Racer 2008

The story begins with Speed Racer who is a young man with natural racing instincts whose goal is to win The Crucible, a cross-country car racing rally that took the life of his older brother, Rex Racer. Speed is loyal to the family business, run by his parents Pops and Mom. Pops designed Speed’s car, the Mach 5. The owner of Royalton Industries makes Speed a lucrative offer, Speed rejects the offer, angering the owner. Speed also uncovers a secret that top corporate interests, including Royalton, are fixing races and cheating to gain profit. With the offer to Speed denied, Royalton wants to ensure that Speed will not win races. Speed finds support from his parents and his girlfriend Trixie and enters The Crucible in a partnership with his one-time rival, Racer X, seeking to rescue his family’s business and the racing sport itself.


zondag 26 augustus 2007

seekers oasis

A nice site with ftps.

And if you know your way with fxp then go here

woensdag 11 juli 2007

zaterdag 9 juni 2007


Well it´s fun to blog, but i got other hobby´s to like movie´s, reading a good book and music.
I live in Amsterdam in the netherlands and it´s good.
Going out here is nice and lots to do, nightclubs everywhere.
My blog is mostly about how to and where to get movies and music.

Anyway i hope you keep coming here to my blog and have agood time.

vrijdag 8 juni 2007

ftp search

Here you can search for movies, music etc.
Most ftp´s are quiker than downloading with bittorrents.

dinsdag 5 juni 2007


you like anime then go here it´s secretr so sssssssssssssssssssss.

vrijdag 1 juni 2007

maandag 28 mei 2007

Nice blog with music video's like this, with Amy Winehouse.
A very good voice she has by the way.

Or like these guys coldplay, never heard of them but maybe you like them.

So visit this girls blog and see...........

zondag 27 mei 2007

For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com

installed fedora 6

I just finished installing fedora 6, i had enough with windows xp.
And it was fun todo so i did.
It's much yet to learn about linux but i'm getting there.
If you want to download the iso's of fedora go here:

You can also install other ones or stay with xp, vista or whatever
but these are free operating systems and a good alternative to
Feel free to ask me stuff.